After years of sitting on the sidelines, I just figured why not. Ready, set, blog!

I used to write everyday as a newspaper reporter. That was before kids and the stay-at-home-mom thing. If nothing else, this blog will serve to get me writing more. And more.

So who is This Mom Is Always Write?I am married to a great guy, we have two great kids and an old Dalmatian dog who could out bad dog Marley any day. We live in the sticks in Connecticut. What I like to call rural suburbia. It’s far enough away from the grind, yet close enough where we can to get somewhere quick.

I was a journalist once – community newspaper reporter to be exact. Then I switched gears and tried the PR thing at a local hospital. I like to tell people I gave birth at work which is technically true: I did work at the hospital at which I gave birth to my son in 2002. The other kid came in 2006.

Since then, I have been trying to find my way through this maze of motherhood, and having a lot of fun doing it.

Although I am supposed to technically “run the household”, I am not all that good at it. I am grateful that my husband has a home office, although some days I find that it’s easy to ask him to help me with something rather than do it myself. I am not a domestic diva, though I can find my way around the kitchen.

So this blog is me and some stuff I want to share. I hope you like it. I promise I’ll try not to bore you. I may have opinions that differ from yours. I try not to judge, but writing about controversial stuff can sometimes be fun.

Let me know if the yawn-o-meter is off the charts. Please free to leave a comment. And tell two friends and so on and so on.

All my best and keep coming back.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Maria:

    Love it! Thanks to your post on facebok I saw your blog…very cool. My new favorite soup is Minestrone Soup with pasta, beans and vegetables…found on the Food network.com by Robin Miller. I always double the recipe to have lots of left over and add 1 can of chick peas. I sometimes make it in the slow cooker by my daughter Amanda says it tastes bettter made in a pressure cooker–either way it is delish! Also, I always cook the ditalini separetly because if it sits in the soup it soaks it all up. Serve it steamy with lots of parmesean cheese…my kids love to put enough cheese in that it melts and gets stuck to the spoon. Enjoy!

    By the way, I work for a non-profit by the name of MASK (Mother’s Awareness on School-age Kids) and we are launching a magazine at the end of this month. We are looking for guest bloggers…some of your stuff may be appropriate. By March 1 our new website will be launched…check it out sometime!

  2. Welcome to the Blogosphere. Just joined it myself this year for many of the same reasons.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. Ri Ri,
    All I can tell you is that you Rock and I bet you are the best Mommy EVER PERIOD! I am one of your Old School pal that thinks you are the best OH and a great wirter, keep it up!

    Rock on and keep writing, you are also very good at that!

  4. Hi Maria, I found your article at WordPress.com. I am an Indonesian woman, and similar with you , previously I was working woman and now I am a house wife. The difference between us, I don’t have kid.
    I like the way you write. So I follow you.


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