Time to Gush

Today was my daughter’s graduation from kindergarten, full of pomp, circumstance, Patriotic songs and a lump in this mommy’s throat.

Life as I know it is passing by like a speeding train. Wasn’t she just a toddler yesterday? Didn’t she just lose her first tooth? When did she become a ham, so independent and the tallest one in her whole class?

So I took pictures, cried at every song they did (I cry. I blogged this before.) and was in awe of the big girl my little girl has become.

Dressed in her red, white and blue, and knowing every word to every song they sang, she didn’t miss a beat. No longer was she the shy girl she was just a year ago. She took the microphone, sang her loudest and knew every wave and salute there was. She even raised her hand to claim that she too was a Red Sox fan, because the school superintendent said kids at the school who are Red Sox fans do better. And then she raised her hand to say she was a Yankees fan because the school principal said Yankees had a better records this year.

I love that kid.

Yes, today was one of those days that left me feeling blue. My kids are growing up.

My son, who is a fourth grader, got to come to the celebration too, as did all the older siblings in my daughter’s class. He was a proud brother and was excited to share this day with his baby sister. They may fight like banchees at home, but my kids love each other. A teacher emailed me to let me know that my son actually made his day the other morning. After I dropped them off to school late (for what seems like the 100th time this year) they were in the office for late passes when the teacher spied my son opening the office door for his sister before giving her a kiss on the top of her head and sending her off to class.

Here’s me crying more tears, you know?

And here is one last thing to gush about.

My son has told me about a fifth grade boy on his bus who likes to give my son a hard time. It’s been an ongoing issue this year. The kid is kind of a wise guy, not a bully, but definitely a wise guy. I have seen him in action a few times and I figure once this kid gets to middle school, he will see the error in his ways and shape up. One would hope. I tell my son to stay away from him, or ignore his wise cracks. And I think he has for the most part.

So today during the kindergarten celebration, I was awed to see my son walk over to the table where this kid was sitting and plop himself down, eat his snack. They looked at each other maybe once or twice, but neither of them talked.

Huh. Well what do you know?

There it was — my son’s very brave attempt to win over his fifth grade nemesis. And since no blood or tears were spilled, I think it was a success.

In any case, I can gush all day, but then I’d just cry reading about my kids and my eyes would be puffy, my face red and my mascara would run.

I’ll stop this blog about nothing here with one final thought.

Life goes quick so if there are some roses, stop and smell them.


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