Love Fest

As it is Valentine’s Day, and I am sure that my box of cream filled chocolates is on its way to me, I thought I’d dedicate this post to, you guessed it:


My special Valentimes, as my daughter calls it, are my husband, my son, my daughter and the pets. I love them the mostest and they make me the happiest. I love my daughter’s heart shaped-face, my son’s crooked tooth smile, my husband’s handsomeness and warped sense of humor and our sometimes chaotic and wonderful existence here in the sticks.

Valentine’s Day is about love, though how it got to be that way is sort of a mystery to me. I think a couple of guys named Valentine were Christian martyrs and celebrated. And then in the Middle Ages, the day became about courtly love and people exchanged greetings. Though the church decided in 1969 not to celebrate the day on the religious calendar for some reason, I guess Hallmark picked it up and, well so it goes.

There are some Valentine’s Day haters who say it’s all about the profit margin and marketing. And some who just treasure this occasion and even decorate their house. I remember February 14 as being my Grandma’s birthday.

Me, eh. I can take it or leave it.  I don’t want my husband to bring me roses, (but I did buy some killer salmon and red-violet Gerber daisies at Trader Joes.)

But now that I have kids, it’s fun to decorate homemade sentiments. And I do like my candy and have been known to actually purchase a box for myself on occasion. Russell Stover’s Orange Creams, I love you. Really I do.

Valentine’s Day is just another day here in this household. Nothing special really. Nothing fancy. Tonight, since my son stayed home from school with a fever, we will forgo the homemade pizza for some pancakes. Heart shaped if I am feeling domestic. And I just might be.

But, whether we like the day or not, it is about love, whatever love you may want to celebrate. Couples. Kids. Parents. Animals. Shopping. Facebook. Whathaveyou. Share it.

And since it’s a day about love, and sharing, I decided to make a list of some things I love and share it.

Here is a sampling of mine, in no particular order.

  1. snuggling up with my kids for a movie
  2. warm chocolate chip cookies out of the oven
  3. rainy days
  4. freshly laundered sheets that smell like lavender
  5. warm summer breezes
  6. autumn in New England
  7. the laughter that follows my group of mom friends wherever we go
  8. Christmas
  9. Fairy tales and happy endings
  10. Once Upon A Time (I love this show!)
  11. Pinterest — holy time waster. I love it though. Being a dreamer and all.
  12. Hiking and biking
  13. listening the quietness of the country
  14. the sea coast
  15. local garden centers in the height of summer bloom
  16. a good uplifting book
  17. anything written by Claire Cook, Kristan Higgins or Melissa Senate
  18. thunderstorms
  19. good hair days
  20. reminiscing about old times with my siblings
  21. comfy clothes
  22. whacking a tennis ball with all my might and watching it not go out long or wide
  23. a tray of cheese with a great wine to go with
  24. date nights with my husband
  25. restaurants with interior brick walls
  26. white twinkling lights at a summer patio party
  27. belting out the words to a song on the radio and knowing them all

What about you? What are some things you love?

Happy Valentine’s Day and may you be able to take this day to appreciate everything you do love.


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