In the Nick of Time

You can’t tell this 44-year-old kid that there is no Santa Claus.

I’m a true believer.

Wanna know why?

I’ll tell you.

My nearly 10-year-old son has been wavering. He’s on the fence about the man in the big red suit. He questioned us about why there was a present under the tree last year to our dog from Santa “in your handwriting Mom.”

I explained that with all the kids out in the world to whom Santa drops presents off on Christmas Eve, he might forget the four-legged friends. I explained that I was just making sure that our dog didn’t feel left out.

My son thought for a moment and seemed to think that this was reasonable. That was it for a while.

Then recently he’s begun testing me. “Mom, I forget, did Santa bring us the Wii or was that you and dad?” “Who brought me that Lego a few years back?” You know that sort of thing.

We just watched Miracle on 34th Street, the newer version with Elizabeth Perkins and Dean Cain. Elizabeth Perkin’s character comes right out and tells her daughter there is no Santa Claus. I cringed in my seat. I forgot about that part. I didn’t want to look at my son to gauge his reaction, but I could tell he was thinking “my parents are liars.”

In case you are among the few people who have never seen that movie, the state of New York goes on to prove that yes, the man named Kris Kringle, the department store Santa Claus is really Santa Claus.

Happy ending aside, there was still that comment lingering in the air. “No Santa Claus.”

Yikes. I know my five-year old daughter believes because she said Elizabeth Perkin’s character was “stupid.”

Nothing from my son, and I didn’t ask him about it. But my son did go through the motions recently and write his letter to Santa, albeit on the computer, but still he wrote it.

So yesterday, when he came home from school, there was a letter waiting for him. The return address — The North Pole.

He tore it open and read it. He smiled from ear to ear when he read the part about him currently being on the “Good Little Boys and Girls” list.

But here’s the kicker and the reason I know there is a Santa Claus and more than likely the reason my son will believe well into his 30s.

The letter goes on to say that while yes, he is currently on the good list, he has a lot of work to do and he must do a better job brushing his teeth and cleaning his room.

He was, to put it lightly, flabbergasted. Absolutely incredulous that Santa would know that those are the very two things I ride my son about EVERY SINGLE DAY. I mean every SINGLE day of that boy’s life I tell him his room is a wreck and his teeth are a mess!

Now if you are among the people who think that I penned the letter back to my son, you’d be wrong.

It was not me. It was not my husband.

I can only believe that someone “in the know” could have written that letter. Someone who has been watching, someone who is looking to see who’s naughty and nice. Mr. C.

Or someone in the United States Postal Service who knows some fourth grade boys are messy and could care less about dental hygiene.

Whoever it was, that letter came in the nick of time for my son. And I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

You may be a doubter. And that is fine.

And you may think that feeding a kid’s dreams that there is a Santa Claus is not right.

I may shop at Forever 21, but really, I am not a kid anymore.

And I do believe.

From my standpoint, I have seen Santa Claus every where I have looked these past few weeks.

My paying job is as a columnist for an online news site in my area. I write about kids and the things they are doing. From rock n roll bands, to Eagle Scouts to artists, scholars and athletes.

Recently I have featured kids in our area going above and beyond to help those less fortunate than themselves.

A Toys for Tots drive by a local cub scout troop and other groups, a food drive for a local food pantry put on by the students in an elementary school where they filled over 50 boxes with items they brought in themselves, a group of middle schoolers who will make in excess of 3,000 sandwiches this school year for a soup kitchen in a nearby city, a group of girl scouts having a lemonade stand and donating the proceeds to a local cancer center.

There are countless other kids out there doing their part to help make things better for someone who needs help.

Kids helping kids.

And if that is not evidence that there is a Santa Claus, I don’t know what it.

Look around you. I bet you will see it too.

Merry Christmas.


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