What’s Cooking?

I am not sure what is going on. There must be something in the air. The change of seasons? The leaves on the ground? The greyness of a fall afternoon?

Whatever it is, it has me running for my oven. It has me scouring old recipe books and new magazines for comfort in the form of food. My favorite things are blogs about pies and cakes and cookies. And chicken pot pies and roasts and chili. Oh My!

My mouth waters. I’ve nearly shorted out my laptop. Really.

It’s fall people and high time to get into the kitchen, light that pumpkin spice candle and start cooking!

And I for one couldn’t be happier.

It’s tradition around here in the fall for my husband to make his signature pumpkin soup. I’d give you the recipe, but he won’t let me. It’s secret.

Last weekend he baked that ol’ big pumpkin for hours until it was soft enough to scrape down and throw in a pot with carrots, onions and a whole lot of special ingredients. He adds a little of this, a dash of that and in the end, polish kielbasa.

I know. It sounds funky, but let me tell you, the combo of pumpkin with the smokiness of the kielbasa and a kick of white pepper, well let’s just say, I am glad I married that man.

So it has begun. The season of cooking and baking and eating. Once again I am the culprit, the person who thwarts our family’s attempt at healthy eating habits.

There is really nothing better than standing at my very large quartz counter top, looking out onto my den, watching the kids play, read or sit in front of the boob tube, and cooking my ass off. Everything seems easier. The prep work isn’t menial and I love the challenge of a good recipe. I am not scared.

Martha Stewart I am not, but I attempt to channel her into my kitchen anyway.

I am ready.

I am the room mother for my son’s class and in charge of the Halloween Party. Of course I choose to bring the sweet snacks and am leaving the healthy snacks to someone else.

I am making Halloween Whoopie Pies, those little chocolate inside out cupcakes with that butter cream filling. My son said I should color the filling orange and purple to make it more Halloweenie. (I love that word, by the way.) He’s a smart kid.

And then I will make these cute graveyard brownies. Just regular boxed brownies a little undercooked, cut longer than usual and topped with a halved Milano cookie with R.I.P inscribed.  Little grave stones. It’s so clever. Not my own cleverness of course. I am a copy cat.

I also went to Trader Joe’s the other day and stocked up on some good stuff. I love to cook but short cuts are my favorite. And that store just screams “Buy me to make your life easier!” So I do.

I am making Chicken Pot Pie this week and having already cooked and cubed chicken ready to go saves me the time of having to poach my own. I hate poaching. It makes a mess because my lids always overflow and I get chicken juice all over my stove. Yuk.

Cans of marinated beans for chili, pumpkin cream cheese for muffins, and so many more items I can’t even decide where to begin.

Oh, I could go on, but I won’t.

I will, however, steer you in the direction of some  fun cooking and baking blogs that I follow. They are simple, like me and my cooking philosophy. And witty, too. These blogger gals are just straight and funny and even share their disasters. They inspire me. I like to cook and make messes, too. A lot. Just ask my husband.

So here:


And then there is the Taste of Home site that I love — gives me ideas for menus and quick meals that one day I know I will get to!


Anyway, Happy Fall and if you are like me, Happy Fall Cooking!

Sweet as pie!


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