TV Free Adventures

I just wanted to share some of the stuff my kids are doing now that we are two weeks into our 2nd Annual August TV Shutdown.

(I have decided simultaneously with the no TV thing that I am sick and tired of having to entertain them every minute of everyday so in the past few days we have pretty much stayed home and I have made them have fun. By themselves.)

But here is a sampling from today. Things to do without TV.

1. A magnifying glass can and does offer my probably pyromaniac son hours and hours of fun. It came in a bug kit some years ago, and was deemed “boring” after five minutes of play. But it was recently unearthed and my son has found that burning stuff can be fun. Like our already summer-burnt grass, a leaf, a rubber bat. He tried his arm, but I nipped that one in the bud. I hope this does not last.

2. My daughter has taken to jumping off rocks. With her purple umbrella. I mean they are not really high rocks or anything and hopefully she won’t get too far if indeed she does get air. But I just think it is very creative. She yells “look out below!” each time she jumps.

3. We finally decided to clear out our “camp site” that we created in the our woods last year. We brought the weed wacker, the rake and a clipper up into the woods and the kids, well, my son, at least went to town. I left them to their wares.

He proceeded to bring a 10 foot tall branch from a beautiful ash tree down into the yard (and then tried to burn its leaves). I went up into the woods to see what other things he had done and he pointed out another “felled” tree. It was a dead giveaway that it actually was felled by him because of the very fresh and neat cut two feet from the bottom of the tree.

4. I decided I better help and began to rake out a path from the patio to the campsite only I unearthed a hive of yellow jackets and before I knew what hit me, I was stung several times in the leg. I went screaming down the path with two very painful welts and since mommy was screaming, so came the kids and we all went inside. My rake is still up there.

The yellow jackets are swarming it now.

5. I decided to end the day with a pan of turtle brownies. They are from a recipe I found at the best baking blog ever and the picture alone almost satisfies my sweet tooth. It’s here, and I swear you will love all her stuff.

So, that’s today. The kids and their dad, uncle and cousin will sleep out tonite at the camp site. Me, I am gonna camp out with a Netflix movie and maybe the whole pan of turtle brownies. This tv free stuff is hard.

Happy Weekend.


3 thoughts on “TV Free Adventures

  1. Hmmmm, your pups seem very normal, well adjusted small humans. You might warn them to stay away from black kitties with a divided white strips down their back. A 7 yr old human chased one of them into a shed, cornered it, and tried to pick it up. “Pooofff.” I considered burying him because he smelled like it would benefit the rest of humanity. His mother wished I had!

  2. I love summer especially when you are a mom. You can force your children to be active and creative while you sit back, sip a cold drink,and enjoy the show.

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