The other day I took my kids and their cousin on an adventure. We went to an orchard about 45 minutes away to check out their Sunflower Maze.

Not to be punny, but it really was amaze-ing!

I admit, I had a done a corn maze before and it was neat in a creepy, I-hope-that-no-aliens-with-hooves-or-possessed-blonde-children-are-lurking-there kind of way. 

But this orchard took that idea of a living labyrinth and designed it with sunflowers so that people could enjoy the late summer flowers in a new and very exciting way.

When we drove up to the maze in my SUV, I admit I was thinking “Hmm, that doesn’t look very big.” But that was just the periphery of the maze. After I paid the couple bucks, once inside, we were greeted with thousands of 6-foot or taller bright yellow and red varieties of sunflowers. And they towered over us.

My son and his cousin took off and left me and my daughter to our wits to find our way out.

I didn’t realize until about 10 minutes into the thing that at the check in, the piece of paper I was given was actually a map of clues to find your way out. There were 10 check posts within the maze and my daughter and I made it to number 5.

I was paying so much attention to the bumble bees and butterflies that the sunflowers had visiting them. The place was teeming with them. The brown centers of the sunflowers each had at least three bees on them and butterflies flitted from aisle to aisle, flower to flower. I couldn’t even begin to imagine just how many bumble bees were in the maze.

My daughter was delighted and skipped her way through. She wanted to lead and I let her. She would go ahead then pop back to make sure I was still with her. The flowers, in some places, were at least 3 times the size of my on-the-tall-side 5-year-old.

And then we got lost. Deadend after deadend. After about 20 minutes or so, I heard my son’s familiar voice calling “Mom!” He and his cousin found us in the middle of the maze surrounded by dead ends and happily led us out.

How they did that, I don’t know. I had the map with the clues after all. The boys, all dressed in their typical cousins camouflage, were human GPS, though I didn’t need to program them. They just went, found their way out, and then came back in and rescued us.

Safe and sound at the end!

It was a neat thing to do. The sunflowers were so huge, but probably not even at their best as the sun was not out that day and they weren’t reaching up to the sky as much as they probably could.

After the maze, we went berry picking and found ourselves some awesome blueberries and a whole lot of ripe peaches. (I know I said blueberries were kind of done in our area, but a 45 minute drive north and there were tons!) Hence, a blueberry-peach cobbler in the oven right now!

If you do have a living labyrinth, or a corn maze, I wholeheartedly suggest finding one and checking it out.

It’s an amazing thing that someone can design a maze that will thrive and flower so beautiful for the public to enjoy.


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