Kick Ass Mom

I am so proud of my cousin, Maureen. Today she stands ready in front of a camera to bare her soul, so to speak, for a really good cause.

She’s a model for the 2012 Moms Who Kick calendar and her photo shoot is today. She’ll don workout clothes for one shot and fancy evening dresses for others, maybe because she is the Zumba Queen!

If you have not heard about this organization, Moms Who Kick  is a 501(3)c public charity dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research. And the calendar is one way they do it.

At only 45, Maureen is a two-time cancer survivor. She had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 20 and breast cancer just four years ago. Kicking cancer’s butt twice. With grace. So with her photos and biography, my awesome cousin will show people through this calendar that she is indeed a fighter.

Isn't she cute?

Maureen epitomizes a healthy life style. She is staunch Weight Watchers girl and, like I said, Zumba queen. She shakes her stuff and does it good! I think she even said she is going to get her certification so that she can get paid to show people how to shake their butts — Latin style.

Maureen never let the cancer, either one of them, get her down. She has never, ever stopped smiling. She honestly just kicks ass anyway with her positive outlook on life so it is no wonder she was picked out of tons of women to model for this calendar.

Her husband and her two sweet little boys adore her. They will be excited to see their mom all fancy and ass-kicky in the calendar I am sure.

Moms Who Kick is a great cause, one that I had never heard of before Maureen told me about it. It is Long Island based – a place where breast cancer is, for whatever reason, very prevalent.

The Moms Who Kick calendar was created in 2009 by a Long Island woman, Joanne Hutchins who was inspired to create a calendar for fundraising purposes since her mother had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It featured beautiful, fit, over 40-year-old moms – kicking, punching, and lifting weights – while tastefully displaying their fabulous figures.  By enlisting women who shared her enthusiasm for all aspects of physical fitness, the Moms Who Kick calendar project was born. 

During the next two years, the calendars expanded to include women who are fighters and survivors of cancer, and the “model moms” were photographed while engaging in various sports.  All 100% of the net proceeds received from calendar sales are donated to The American Cancer Society to benefit breast cancer research.

Causes like these are near and dear to me. Especially when it takes both hands, sometimes more, to count how many people I know who have been affected by breast cancer and cancer in general. In our family at least, those with cancer outweigh those without. It’s crazy. Our family genealogy could be named the Cancer Tree. Bad genes.

On my mom’s side, four out of seven siblings had cancer and some has also been passed down to our generation. On my dad’s side, both he and his brother had different cancers, along with their mother. Cancer is like this family member that won’t go away.

So it’s very cool to have my cousin out there doing this great thing to raise money for something that has affected her personally and so many of us. For Maureen to put herself out there and say, “Yeah, I had cancer twice, but look at me now. I am smoking!” it is a great thing.

She rocks.

I love you Mo! You are making a real difference! Go get em.


2 thoughts on “Kick Ass Mom

  1. My amazing cousin, I love you – you are an inspiration to me as well! Our family has been through some pretty tough things over the years but we ALWAYS come out on the otherside laughing and smiling (must be the Ryan genes!) We kick cancers ass and we take names!!!!!

    Love you gorgeous!

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