Good Intentions

Since Father’s Day is around the corner, I thought I would hit the yard and give my husband a little reprieve from having to do his outdoor chores this weekend. So I took out the lawn mower, the push one since I don’t know how to drive the sit down, and aimed to give the grass a little trim.

I pulled the lever and… nothing. Again I pulled. And nothing. So I twisted off the gas cap and was met with emptiness. No gas.

I searched around the garage and found that familiar red plastic container that has the little gas tank thingy on it. Bingo!

I poured in what was left in the gas container and went on my merry way.

I yanked the cord and we got ignition.

So I pushed the little mower around the yard, carefully making sure that each pass was straight and got about 1/8 of the way through. Then the mower just konked right out. No more gas.

I look out across the yard and realized that my husband is probably going to kill me when he gets home from his trip because the grass now looks like crap. Not only had I mowed a very small portion of the yard, but I was not going straight. At all.

In fact I think I should dump my closet dream of becoming a hairdresser right now because no person in their right mind would want their head looking like the mess I have created in my yard.

So with no gas for me continue with the mower, (a gift from God for my husband?) I next grabbed the weed wacker.

The Worx GT. Lightweight and easy enough for me to use. Battery-pack operated and a real seller on HSN where my son sat mesmerized by it and the yard tools segment and then convinced my husband we needed this weed wacker. Worth all 100 bucks.

 I had my sights set on the weeds that were overtaking our wooden play scape with hopes that once it is unearthed my kids will actually go and play outside for more than 5 minutes by themselves.

So off I went. Turned the thing on and 2 seconds later, I was out of line. The weed cutting line. So I headed down to the basement to look for one of the spools that came with the lifetime supply from Worx GT and couldn’t find it.

However, because I remembered that Worx GT is now sold in stores, I grabbed the kids and headed to KMart and got the LAST Worx GT spool in the store! Wahoo! Weed wacking here I come.

Ain't she a beauty?

So after a brief trip to KMart that resulted in more than just the Worx GT spool, we got home and I said “Hey, kids, Spongebob is on!” They fell for it.

(How can I surprise my husband with all this yard work with my kids bothering me anyway?)

So out I went.

I struggled with getting the line on the weed wacker, but finally after about 15 minutes, I was up and wacking.

I had to stop every three seconds to demolish a mosquito and her six thousand friends who found me very bite worthy. Then I went in to find the bug fogger I bought last week. I sprayed it around where I was working, waited a few minutes and off I went.

I got bored weed wacking and thought my husband would really like it if I unearthed a beautiful rock hidden behind an out of control rhododendron and a big patch of Pachysandra. So I went back into the garage, grabbed the tree trimming tool thing and started trimming and pulling weeds and cutting back green stuff.

I don’t think he will be all that happy about my rock unearthing. It looks like a bad bald spot in my yard now. No rhodo branches to canopy the ugly patch of dirt and Pachysandra sinew. Hopefully he won’t notice.

So while that Cutter bug fogger worked well for the first 20 minutes, it was no match for the ridiculous amount of insects that left their mark on my body.

I am now one big, red, swollen, cranky and itchy welt. I hope I don’t get poison ivy, too.

Anyway, I hope my husband appreciates my gesture.

It’s the thought that counts?

I bought him a shirt from the Gap. Just in case.

Happy Father’s Day. Enjoy all the Fathers in your life.


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