On the drive down to see my mom in her rehab center on this hot, hot, hot very hot day, (like nearing 1,000 degree day) I was, of course, thinking of summer and all that comes with it. And since my husband sat next to me on a conference call and I had no one to talk to,and there was a TON of construction traffic, I decided I would think happy thoughts and make a mental list of all things I like about summer.

So because it’s who I am, I thought how nice it would be if I shared my list with the thousands of you faithful readers who read my blog! (Kidding. The 12 of you who subscribe — you rock and that’s all I need!)

So here we go: A list of The Greatest Summer Things Of All Time (at least of my time, anyway.) Enjoy and feel very free to add your own!

  1. freshly mowed grass
  2. backyard barbeques
  3. the smell of Coppertone
  4. the beach
  5. the deep-fried smell of a roadside snack shack
  6. wild roses on the side of the road
  7. a freshly opened Corona adorned with a bright green lime
  8. a field of wild flowers
  9. the smell of lavender
  10. cherry red popsicle lips on both kids
  11. tiki torches
  12. waterskiing with good friends
  13. Coors Light (I know….)
  14. crystal blue water at a pool
  15. lazy days at the lake (sans snake mind you.)
  16. canoeing on said lake
  17. vacations to Cape Cod
  18. the local Farmer’s Market
  19. warm breezes and longer days
  20. sunsets
  21. spot thunderstorms that end in a rainbow
  22. catching fire flies
  23. bumble bees and butterflies
  24. camp fires
  25. fireworks

Okay, there’s my list. Not complete as I won’t bore you to death. But seriously, thinking about all those things about summer makes me look REALLY forward to when the kids are done for the year.

So enjoy your few remaining days of Spring. Around here, we may see temps near 100 tomorrow, a heat wave that is so New England in the spring. Very quickly goes from March like weather to the 90s. 

I’ll take it. And I will sweat, thanking Mother Nature that at least it’s not another two feet of snow.

What do you like about summer?


2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. 1. Beach sand between my toes
    2. The sun kissed cheeks of my kiddies
    3. A little boy who falls asleep on my lap from swimming too much
    4. A chilled glass of white wine
    5. Having coffee listening to the ocean waves crash
    6. Little white lights at an outdoor cafe, sitting there having dinner!

    Thats a few! ❤

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