Feeling Like A Rock Star

Yesterday was my son’s school field day. All the kids wore their tie dyed shirts they made in Art and took to the playing field for a day of games and fun.

In hind sight, I should have at least volunteered in the morning. But with everything going on with my mom etc., I just didn’t know if I could commit to it. Anything could change and I certainly didn’t want to have to bail at the last minute.

In reality, the volunteer slip that came home in my son’s backpack asking parents for their help with Field Day — well my dog ate it. I swear. Shredded it. (He may be 13 1/2, but he has some puppy left in him.) So that kind of made my decision for me. I know, bad excuse. Bad mommy.

In any case, yesterday morning, my son got up early, got dressed in his tie dye and shorts, made sure the Gatorade and Cliff bars were securely in his lunch box and was ready to go a 1/2 hour before we needed to get out the door. If only everyday could be like this?

We dropped my daughter at preschool and then went across the street and waited in the drop off queue at my son’s elementary school. He saw a friend so be barely kissed me goodbye and off he went to compare the tie dyes he and his pal had.

At 11:30, I picked up my daughter and ran into my friend, who was picking up her daughter and then heading back across to the Field Day activities our boys were partaking. She was a good mom, volunteering all day at the Tug O war.

I thought what the heck. I will go sneak over and say Hi to my son.

So my daughter and I headed over to the elementary school where I found my son blindfolded playing Tank and Commander with water pistols. He was having a grand old-time. He didn’t see me at first, but when he did, he ran over and gave me a big, wet hug. It was so sweet.

After a few minutes, their class was switching activities. I thought it would be a good time to sneak out. But my son asked me if we could stay for lunch. Since I didn’t have my purse, or any money, I said I needed to go home. He looked crushed.

Guilty. Bad. Mom.

“Of course we’ll stay! Let me run home and grab my purse!” I told him. (I have to admit that I don’t know whether the school cafe takes cash or what. Sad. But just in case I drove 5 minutes home and came back.)

By the time we got back, 10 minutes of his 30-minute lunch had already been used up. But my daughter and I got our School Friend stickers and headed to the cafe.

I scanned around looking for my son. I heard “MOM! You made it!” And I saw my son pick up his tray from between his two friends and move his seat to an empty part of the table. “Come sit here!” He gave me a giant hug and told me, in front of his friends, how glad he was that I could come.

I was so enamoured by this little gesture from my 9-year-old. Another one of those moments to store and take out later to remember.

Mainly because I know this probably won’t last. He might not be so happy to see me (at least in front of his friends) for a whole lot longer. He might not even want me to come to his school in a few short years. I hope that isn’t true, but it just might be.

So I will add it to my ever-growing list of things my son does to make me cry happy tears that I am his mom.

A small gesture yes. But yesterday, he made me feel like a rock star.


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