Some Fun

You know you have had a long week when:

  1. You realize you are about to pour orange juice into your son’s cereal.
  2. Your son asks pointedly why you are wearing a pair of ugly gray sweatpants that look like ones his classmate in third grade wore to school yesterday. And you hesitate more than a minute before you climb the stairs to throw on the same jeans you’ve worn all week.
  3. You realize the smell is you. You forgot deodorant. Again.
  4. You can’t remember lunch. You think it was a Snickers Bar.
  5. The sound of the incessant croaking of tree frogs doesn’t bother you anymore. In fact, you are humming right along to it.
  6. You are thankful it is raining, again, so you don’t have to go outside and play.
  7. You don’t fight with the kids to brush their teeth before bed. You’ll get that nasty plaque in the morning.
  8. You rationalize not brushing your own teeth before bed. “I’ll get that nasty plaque in the morning” and when you forget you don’t even get mad at your children for telling you that your breath smells worse than the dog’s.
  9. Your hair is a wreck so the baseball hat becomes your new hair accessory. Day 5.
  10. The mascara you put on at 8:30 a.m. to try to not look tired ends up on your cheeks by 10 and you realize that at 11:30 when you pick up your daughter at school that you still haven’t wiped it off.

Next week will be brighter. I am sure. But I’ll keep a pack of handiwipes nearby just in case.

PS. Mom is doing ok. The week was not that bad. Just having some fun and trying to get back to other things, too. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Some Fun

  1. Hilarious! I relate oh so well. My jeans got up by themselves, and threw me a look of total disgust after a week straight of wear, as they dove into the washing machine.

  2. Week old jeans … equivalent to comfort food. I know they’ll fit me no matter how much I’ve eaten that day and I feel good about it. I’m like Scarlett O’ Hara when I say that tomorrow is another day (of chaos). Sounds like you have a lovely life 🙂

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