Missing Mojo

Missing: Writer’s Mojo. Lost about 3 weeks ago. Devastated and sad. REWARD!

Oh I wish it was that easy. I was on a real roll a while back. It was some serious momentum that kept me going — that and looking at my site stats and comments that indicated more than two people were reading this blog. YAY!

Then came Spring Break and I took a week off everything — my blog, my other writing job — the one I get paid for. And now I am hard pressed to find my mojo. I feel like a slow steam train trying to climb a mountain. Like I am running a marathon carrying bricks. Like a slow cooker someone forgot to turn on. You get the picture.

This mom needs to get her groove back.

I’d like to say it’s writer’s block but I don’t think so. I do have some ideas and have about 7 posts in draft form waiting for the finishing touches. I am just in a funky procrastination stage. Yikes.

I need someone to light a flame under me to get me going again. It seems easier than I would like to avoid sitting at my computer and posting something. It’s not even like I have to. I wanted to start this blog as a personal exercise. And it has thus far worked very well. I was looking at everything as a potential blog post for a while. I was blogging regularly. Life was good.

Then comes spring with all the reasons to be outside. Baseball. Yardwork. Enjoying the weather. And I also got caught up in reading a very thick book, called A Discovery of Witches. I didn’t pay enough attention to it when I picked it up, so I didn’t know until I was finished with it that it was part of a trilogy. I kept waiting for something to happen in this book. And nothing ever did. I actually said to my husband when I was done that I hope to heck there is a sequel. And so then I googled it and Yes, there are two more books coming out.

I went to the reviews and read other’s opinions on it. Some were very brutal and most felt like I did. While the book’s premise was a good one, they, like me, kept waiting for something to happen.

And then I thought about how much time this author put into this very large book and how bored I was with it. And I thought how sad a state that was especially for someone, like yours truly, who wants to eventually write that book. What would I do if I put my heart and soul into a book only to have people really NOT like it? I know you need a thick skin in the writing business, and I do have one somewhere underneath. I am just having a hard time getting it to come out.

I think I may just be suffering from some kind of neuroses right now. Or I am just creating my own personal downward spiral into Procrastination City.

Since I am nowhere near a point of having even one of my ideas into any semblance of a book, I don’t know why reading the above named book has sidelined me.

But it did, and since I write a blog, I figured I would write about that. You can go to my Book Love page to see what I have to say on A Discovery of Witches. Perhaps you’ve read it or plan to. There are other books there, too, so have at it. Recommend a few too. More reasons to procrastinate. No seriously, I love books.

So this is one of those posts that is basically me thinking out loud. There is no real rhyme or reason to it, other than to begin getting reacquainted with my keyboard. So thanks for being patient. And feel free to give me advice you may have about getting my mojo back.


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