Shopping 101

While I am far from the brightest or most savvy when it comes to grocery shopping, I still love it and will gladly head out to the actual store and shop. I do make a list. And even if there are only 5 things on it, I still come home with a cart load of groceries, and, having spent way more than I meant to, a whole lot of guilt.

Grocery shopping is and always has been a favorite past time of mine. I am sure you are like WHAT? Are you sadistic or something?

I don’t know. I remember heading out to the local grocery store when I was a kid and loving every minute of it. I could tell you what item was in which aisle, still today even though the store is now a CVS. Us kids went int the back with my mom into the butcher shop many a time when she personally was able to select her own cut of meat. (Maybe that was a little weird.) And we were sometimes able to select a very special item of our own. My choice was usually Scooter Pies, but most of the time it was vetoed. But it was still fun to dream.

Fast forward — I am the original impulse buyer. Could be stemming from the fact that I always seem to go shopping when I am hungry. And since cravings change from day-to-day, my impulses at the grocery store have too.

One day it might be Scooter Pies. Or pickles. Or rice crackers. (Shoot –I sound like I am pregnant, don’t I. Not. Just have stranger cravings than most.)

I think however, I have finally accepted the fact that I suck at grocery shopping. 

But, just when I think I have hit rock bottom — a new tool is making grocery shopping a bit brighter for yours truly.

The little scanner you pick up BEFORE you set off into the grocery maze is a true God send. OK, a little over the top, but seriously, Stop n Shop, my husband thanks you.

Yes, I know I am a late comer to this kind of technology. I am old-fashioned and not easily swayed by computerized anything seeping into my daily doings. But, whew. This thing is gah-reat!

The handy-dandy little hand-held scanner tool is available at the front door and is activated with a scan of your Stop n Shop card. It lights up, you pick it up and off you go. You scan the item you want, toss it in your grocery bag and all the while the little scanner is totalling your purchases as you go. So there is no surprise at the end.

I have to say, I am thinking this is the best invention since sliced bread. I also think it saves me money.

Here is my take on it. Before, I’d just throw it in and hope for the best that my rewards card would lessen the blow at the end. It usually did a bit, but nothing to write home about.

But with this new way, you are held responsible for an item once you scan it. I am sure there is a way to void it but I haven’t figured it out yet, and I am not sure I want to. Knowing the total as I go makes me at least think about what I am going to purchase before I throw it in my bag.

One down side I found. Sometimes the scanner fails to properly scan. I got a free gallon of Natures Promise milk last trip because, even though it gave me a beep when I scanned the milk, it didn’t show up on my receipt. I feel guilty about that. Not guilty enough to drive back to the store and tell them, but enough so that maybe I will let them know next time I am there.

Another plus, it makes the grocery experience fun for my kids.

My daughter, who complained when I picked her up at school that she hated grocery shopping and just wanted to go home, embraced this new way of scanner shopping. She was in charge of scanning the little bar code and she smiled every time that little beep sounded. And she wasn’t even interested in throwing any of box of crappy sugary cereal in there. She had one job — Scanner Princess — and she did it with the grace and beauty consistent with any princess out there.

So this grocery shopper, while still not savvy or fluent in savings, will happily trot off to my store and fill my bags, listen to the beep and know that I am at least trying to shop like a pro.

How bout it? Any shopping tips for this perennial over spender?


2 thoughts on “Shopping 101

  1. You crack me up! Um….you sorta did sound kinda pregnant with your list of food cravings. haha! I shouldn’t say anything, I have the same sort of thing going on. And no…I’m not pregnant either.

    I wish I enjoyed grocery shopping more. I just try to get it over with. I think it is not the actual shopping, as it is the schlepping it all to the car and then schlepping it into the house and then having to put it all away!

    I do it though, because I’d feel really guilty if my family starved on my account:)

  2. I love grocery shopping because- I like reading labels, seeing new products, and the produce section is always so organized and pretty. But I may in the minority as well because I am in the health and nutrition business!

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