Funny, Really Funny

Don’t you just love April Fools Day? I do, with its sophomoric humor, silly pranks, unexpected things you probably should have expected. Aahh. My all time favorite — the old Saran Wrap over the toilet trick. Messy, but funny nonetheless. Not to mention the other greats: short sheeting the bed, fake poop on the floor, fake vomit, fake boogers. Oh the list goes on.

And when you have kids, say under the age of 9, it is that much funnier because in all their cuteness, they just haven’t developed the knack for pulling one over on others just yet.

Example: Last night, in a precursory attempt to fool his sister before the actually fool hardy day, my son stuffed whatever he could find around her room between the fitted sheet and the mattress on her bed. So, underneath the pink polka dot duvet, there was a rather large lump, so visible you could see it from the Moon. But he was beside himself that yes it would be funny. It so was, just not in the way he figured.

And when my daughter wakes up this morning and says “Happy April Fools” we tell her to go wake up her brother and tell him that there is no school today. Even though the April nor’easter we were supposed to have dropped a mere 5 flakes on the ground AND even though his sister opened her spiel with Happy April Fools Day, the “Hey we have no school today” tricked him but good and my son was really pissed that there was indeed school. Oh to be young again.

And later, my girl comes into the kitchen with a puzzle box that has clearly been stuffed with something and announces “Daddy! I can’t find your gym shorts anywhere!” So of course, after  playing along and saying Oh no, where are they? he looked into in the box, and Hello gym shorts!  Tina Fey, look out.

So yes, we all played along. My husband hid a Ken doll in my daughter’s coat sleeve, there was a stuffed dog in my coat pocket and I think I regressed to being 10 because I could not resist the urge to call my sister and leave her a message: Please call me back quick because I am at the hospital with a broken leg and need a ride. Who knew my not quite 50-year-old sister was so gullible. She actually fell for it.

I am looking forward to my son telling me all the jokes that were sure to be prevalent all day at school. Hopefully they were harmless and if Saran Wrap in the urinal happened, I hope he wasn’t around.

In any case, Happy April Fools Day. Hopefully no pranksters are lurking behind a bush ready to spring out and scare the crap out of you.

I am saving that for when my son gets off the bus.


3 thoughts on “Funny, Really Funny

  1. I can’t believe it–! Still half-groggy not more than 45 seconds out of bed, I marched right into my son’s room today and announced to both of them there was no school. Their eyes light up and gleeful little smiles on their faces, “Really?!?” To which I replied evily, “No, April Fools!” Oh boy, I felt guilty, but much less so now that I see you put your daughter up to the exact same trick!

    Later in the kitchen, while making lunches, I told my son his nose was bleeding. Okay, I was getting carried away. But it was quite fun to watch him try to trick his dad just a minute later in the livingroom into thinking HIS nose was bleeding.

    We mothers sure know how to make our own fun, huh?

  2. … “my not quite 50 year old sister” …
    Gullible? Perhaps. Revenge? Absolutely.
    April Fools, April Fools!

    Yup, she got me! reluctantly admits her older, yet very much YOUNGER LOOKING sister. And we all know we are not referring to the broken leg … April Fools! April Fools!

    Apparently my youngest sister does not realize that she too can be categorized as being “not quite” 50.
    April Fools, oh April Fools!

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