Dreaming In Color

I am a dreamer. Well, yes, I have hopes for the future for myself and our family, but what I really mean is that I dream well. Vividly in fact.

My husband thinks it’s the most amazing thing that I have the ability to wake up after a dream and be able to recall the most detailed information about it.

This is actually a new skill I have acquired. I have a hard time remembering things from my childhood, so much so that my sisters and brother are starting to wonder whether I was abducted by an alien in my formative years. They remember EVERYTHING. I don’t, so I have to believe what they tell me.

But I remember the people, places, colors, feelings and even smells from a dream.

I have to think it has something to do with the sleep deprivation that comes with motherhood. If you ever had a newborn baby you’re shaking your head right about now remembering those long nights where nothing — no pacifier, rocking, pacing, singing, crying (you, not the baby) — would help. Finally, after several days of this, you’d crash for what seems like four hours only to be awakened a mere 5 minutes later. And then you repeat it the next night and so on and so on.

That happened with my daughter. She was a terrible sleeper and I breast-fed her until she was about 11 months old. And me being a lazy breastfeeder, well, she was in our bed A LOT. She’s now 5, but she still wakes up every night and comes into our bed. I have not had a full night’s sleep in almost 9 years. My son is almost 9 in case you were confused.

So this dream thing must be because I sleep lightly and therefore my dreams must be close to the surface. And since they are that close when I wake up, I remember them.  I suppose I could take an Ambien if I really wanted more sleep, but I kind of like this dream thing. It keeps my life interesting. I wake up with lots of questions about what the dreams are supposed to be telling me.

Have you ever consulted a dream guide to see what a dream might mean? It’s actually pretty interesting.

Take last night for instance. I dreamt about meeting Barack Obama in a bathroom. Now this could mean a lot things: My first interpretations — he’s full of you know what, politicians stink, our economy is in the toilet, country is in the crapper. yada yada. 

Actually I looked on a dream dictionary website to see what it meant. To dream of a bathroom  apparently means I am prone to frivolity and light-heartedness. Not sure what Obama would be doing there, so I like my interpretation better.

And the other day, I dreamt about a mom I know from my daughter’s preschool. In my dream, she bared her stomach and asked me to punch her because she had abs of steel. So I did, and they were.

I woke up with a big question. What the heck does that mean? Then I ran into her that day and figured it out. She’s a very put together mom of three, very strong and I admire her a great deal. Hence abs of steel.

I once had a dream that I was best friends with Britney Spears. That one, well, who knows. One of my friends I told about it was convinced there was no message. I was just crazy and needed another glass of wine before bed.

A most vivid dream of late was one that had me driving my Jeep out of control all through a town missing every stopped car, every obstacle in my way. I couldn’t steer, nothing worked yet here I was maneuvering it out of harm’s way. I managed to do this all the way up a very large hill and thankfully the car eked out one last burst forward and came to rest on the top of a cliff. I then looked down and saw that my car keys were in my lap. Very telling, wouldn’t you say?

I didn’t really get it until my husband pointed it out — the keys in your lap? Duh. Oh.

It could also mean that life as I know it is really controlled chaos.

Another one I had a while back stumped me at first: I was with a group of people, some friends, some strangers. We were at the beach and I walked to the edge of a stone wall, at a corner, that dropped down into the water. All of the people had jumped in. But I stood there, too afraid to go. I smelled the salt water, it was dark and scary and I was sure it was too deep for me. They called to me and said “You need to come in!” Finally, I jumped in. And the water was only up to my waist and I realized I was scared for nothing.

Any guesses as to what that means?

Looking back on it, it was so simple: I found out two days later that I was pregnant. Water is the symbol for life and me standing at the edge not sure about it was likely a subconscious fear of the unknown about having a baby. Is this so Psychology 101?

Anyway, I am not into that New Age aura stuff, and won’t bore you with more of my crazy dream stories. But dreams are pretty interesting if you can remember them to try to figure out the puzzle of what our psyche tells us while we sleep.

So if you are like me and can remember them in detail, it would be a neat exercise to write them down and then see what they may represent. You just never know.

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight saga, conjured up Bella and Edward in a dream, how they looked, what they were talking about. How a Mormon mother dreamt of a 100 year-old teenage vampire and his human love interest is beyond me.

But hey. Who am I to judge? My dreams are nutty, too. Perhaps one day one of my vivid dreams will become a huge bestseller and blockbuster movie. Although I am not sure that Britney Spears as my BFF or Barack Obama in the bathroom would make a bestseller, but I’ll let you know.

Happy Dreaming.


5 thoughts on “Dreaming In Color

  1. I have very vivid dreams, too. And I love them. I generally don’t sleep more than a few hours at a time, so that’s probably why I remember them as well. I’ve often thought about writing them down, but the memory is sometimes so fleeting that I just don’t bother. Other times, I’ll be so disoriented that I think the dream was real. For example, I’ve had a number of dreams about dad (who passed away in 1990) where it’s just a regular day and we’re just talking or doing something mundane, and it seems so normal, that it takes several minutes for reality to hit. Does that make me crazy? I’ve always wondered what that means. These dreams are so real it’s kind of freaky.

  2. Dreams are inspirational at times and at others…not so much. If you know someone who’s been in combat you’ll find that dreams also can huant you as badly as any ghost.
    I dream of chasing rabbits. Of a ten foot cat chasing me. But the one thing they can do is free up your imagination if you’re willing to explore and extend them.

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