What’s Mine is Mine and I’m Not Sharing

Today I received my Girl Scout cookies and I am so not sharing. With anyone.  I am keeping these two hard-earned gorgeously green boxes of Thin Mint cookies all to myself.

You may think I am selfish (or even a tad bit gluttonous) but I am not. I am just a mom who needs her stash. And the little chocolatey mint crisp wafer dipped in more chocolatey goodness, well, I am a happy mommy when they are mine. All mine.

Now here’s the thing. My kids get special treats all the time. I spent half the winter baking, did I not? They were happy. Had lots of homemade cakes, cookies and brownies. There was Christmas and all the goodies that come with that. Then Valentine’s Day and they ate all (or most) of the treats bestowed upon them by their classmates.

My kids are not deprived of anything special or sweet.

So, one day in a moment of weakness, when I thought they were busy doing something else, I went for some chocolate and they saw me. They found me out. My secret stash of Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bars was no longer secret. And they wanted in.

I told them to beat it and under no uncertain terms were they to invade mommy’s secret candy. This was met with some fake tears and chants of “You are a mean Mommy!” But I wasn’t giving in.

At first.

Then they broke me, and before I knew it, I’d be splitting my little row of three and would hand them each one little square of that velvety milk chocolate raisin and almond concoction. I’d have the other and warn them to NEVER take mommy’s chocolate bar.

And then, on another day when I needed it the most, when 4 p.m. came around and I went secretly into my little corner kitchen cabinet, behind the spices, next to the container of salt, and behind the bottle of Tabasco Sauce, there was just an empty wrapper.

Someone did not heed my warning.

It would do no good to scream and tear my hair out or try to make the culprit confess. There would be no chocolate for this harried and tired mommy that day. I would just have to keep on keeping on. Without my chocolate fix. (Are you crying yet?)

So off to Stop n Shop I’d go for more — they are usually 10 for $10 and though I really should buy 10, it’s the principal of it and I just can’t.

I have tried to hide my chocolate in new, out of reach places. But the only person tall enough to reach that out of reach place stands defiantly in front of me while he eats my chocolate. He brings home the bacon. I can’t deny him.

So back to the Girl Scout cookies.

I am not going to share. I put them in a VERY safe hiding place. And I have already eaten a whole bunch. And they were really good. I may try to hide the second box, currently camouflaged in the back of the pantry, in the freezer, cause, well, have you ever had a frozen Thin Mint? Just so darn good it’s scary.

And the thing is, if the kids don’t find me out by Easter, I can just eat away by myself. My husband gave up sweets for Lent, so that is that and he gets none. With a special hide out for my box of cookies, I can relish in bite after bite of that minty chocolate goodness.

So you can continue to think I am a selfish, candy-hiding, half-crazed chocoholic. I can try to rationalize it by stating that every mom deserves her special little thing that makes her a happier mom. Or chocolate makes me smile. blah blah blah.

But I won’t. I am what I am and I need chocolate.


4 thoughts on “What’s Mine is Mine and I’m Not Sharing

  1. Like father like daughter, indeed. I remember dad’s Hershey’s with Almonds stashed in the top pantry cabinet, and how he’d fold it just so, and know the moment someone’s chubby little hand was about to reach in and sneak a square. Oh the hell that would break loose!

  2. I too, have a secret chocolate stash (Green & Black 70% Dark Organic Chocolate-yum!) that NO ONE dares to even think about eating! Well, it’s a chocolate fix at 10am or a glass of wine….hhmmm. I think in the long run, the chocolate might be better for my family. ; )

  3. My secret stash is between the salt and the tea bags and it is immediately after lunch (whenever that is) that I eat a chunck–Paul Newman’s Dark Chocolate. After year’s of hiding it, my husband finally noticed when I couldn’t control myself in front of him and now he knows where it is. While he takes some it is tolerable most of the time as the amounts are small. (He knows…) On my way to pick up my girl scout cookies this morning! Funny.

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