Mischievous O’Shaughnessy

I meant to deck the house out green, knock some things over and plant a little seed in the kids’ heads that a sneaky little leprechaun had created some mischief in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Well, I forgot. Went to bed and woke up this morning at 7. My son was on his way up and well, I didn’t have anytime to be creative.

But alas, all was not lost.

During my daughter’s playdate yesterday, we made some pots of gold complete with a ton of green glitter. (Yes, I know, I am a sucker for punishment after the Valentine’s Day glitterfest.) Being the good little cleaner upper that I am, I took the plastic table-cloth I used as a catchall and shimmied up as much glitter as possible to put back in its container.

However, the rest, well, I wasn’t sure what to do with it so I did what comes naturally.

Shook the little bugger out in the yard. I figured what the heck, it was raining anyway and the dirt could use a little bling.

So today, on the way out to school, I looked down at the green glitter all over the front porch steps and yard and thought, Way to Go Mom! I am totally using this.

So I exclaimed with glee that our little leprechaun really did come. It seems that Mischievous O’Shaughnessy was  here after all, I told the kids. And lucky for me, seeing really is believing and they bought it.

Turns out my daughter’s preschool also had its own little visitor as well. The hall on the way in was paved with a path of green and gold glitter. Her class was all disheveled, with chairs askew, green paint on the window and green Playdoh every where complete with little footprints. It was so sweet to see these little preschoolers’ eyes wide with amazement and true belief of an early morning visitor.

My daughter, in awe of what happened in her school room, was happy to inform her teacher that a leprechaun came to her house, too.

So it’s not a St. Patrick’s Day green beard like my dad offered us every year. Nor was it the pretty disgusting to look at but tasty green PB&J that my mom secretly packed in our lunch.

But hey, lame attempt as it was, perhaps one day my kids will remember this and try to pull one over on their kids, too.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Mischievous O’Shaughnessy

  1. My kids dinner tonight has a green Irish theme..which I inherited from my Irish mother..pea soup…verdi pasta with creamy green sauce..that they wont eat..and green custard….at least I tried…..GREAT POST…..la’ maith…..Eliza Keating

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