Camera Shy

As a parent, there are those times when we worry when things are too quiet. The silence can be a prelude to the discovery of something we would rather not be discovering.

As was with my own mom, casually questioning my retreat into my bedroom and ensuing silence with “What are you doing?” Apparently I could not lie. So I told her. “Making a mess.” Which I was, with markers on the wall. So if my own kids would do this, I suppose it would be pay back.

But this was not to be the case with my own daughter. Yes, she has silently made her share of messes. But not this time.

Her recent silence is because she has taken to sneaking away with my digital camera.

What kind of mother would I be if I squelched this new-found artistic freedom? 

I have to say, I think she may have some talent.

You decide….

This is one of her many attempts at a self-portrait. I don’t know — I think it’s quite good. Abstract. And you can hardly even see the dust on the stairs.

I am liking her use of materials on hand here. Props, setting, sparkles. It works, no?

She’s good.

A willing subject? I think not. He looks a bit miffed about the glasses. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Models can be so difficult.

A dog’s eye view?

Nostalgia meets the future. Interesting.

And since I can’t actually remember taking this last one, and the dog clearly didn’t because he is in the background, one can only assume that little hands did.

It’s one of my favorites. I’ll take it. It speaks to me.
It tells me that my children really do like each other. At least briefly.

And I will end with it since you are probably a little bored with my choice of posts today,unless of course you are my children’s aunts. Then you are probably just clutching your heart with the sheer cuteness of your gene pool.

Happy Saturday.


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