Giving It Up

How did you spend YOUR Fat Tuesday?

Since I am not a crazy Mardi Gras kind of gal, no beads or masks or dancing in the streets in silly costumes for me (I’ll save that for Mom’s Night Out.)  I just quietly shoveled in a really nice fat cheese burger, (grilled at home with my new Grill/Panini Pan) followed by a big ol’ slab o peach pie and, to be a little French, a pile of vanilla ice cream “a la mode.”

This was my last meal so to speak before I try to give it up for 40 days. Don’t worry, I am not giving up food. But I do want to try to be healthier. More greens. Less burgers and fries. You know. I tried resolving to do just that for New Years. It went out the window though as I spent much of January and February killing snow day time baking like crazy. And then eating like crazy.

For all you Catholic folk who celebrate the Lenten Season, or for those who don’t but would like to know, Lent is actually 45 days long, but you get Sundays off so your self sacrifices are limited to Monday through Saturday.

We didn’t realize this, or perhaps overlooked it in our zeal to give something up, when my husband did without, successfully I might add, coffee for a total of 45 days a few years back. God Bless him. That was a hard one for him. He is a multiple cupper per day. It’s a family trait I think. His mom drinks piping hot black coffee like water.

So during this season, people give up lots of things. Vices come into play a lot here. You’d be hard pressed to find a Catholic who didn’t at least try to give up alcohol or smoking. Other items offered for sacrifice include TV,video games, desserts, red meat, candy, cookies, chocolate. That last one — I’ll be honest here. There is just no way in H-E-double hockey stick I could do that without making every soul around me miserable. So I won’t try.

For me, in addition to trying be healthier, eat healthier and do more for organizations in my town that need help, my resolve for this go round is, drum roll please…..


Yup. No more lamenting about this. Ranting about that. Things will be just honky dory for the next 45 days. Seriously, why complain on Sunday? Just give me 45 full days to store it all up and then Easter Sunday I can just vomit all the stuff I have saved up.

No, I am kidding. I won’t do that.


It’s funny how that whole no complaining thing came to be. I was doing an exercise — writing some things down that I could give up for Lent. The word “complaining” just rolled off my fingers. It left my brain without my knowledge and just made it to the paper. And so there it was in black and white.

So it must mean something.

I do realize that I have been doing a lot of that lately. Whether it was complaining about the mess in the kitchen, toys on the floor, kids forgetting to brush, wash, flush, another snow day, another snow day, another snow day? there is too much laundry, that I am tired of vacuuming up dog hair, the mud on the hard wood floors, world politics, local politics, my hair, my clothes.

(Oh shoot. Does listing previous complaints count as actual complaining?)

In any case, I will give the NO COMPLAINING thing my best shot, the most valiant effort I can and hope not to slip. For the next month and a half, I will try not to climb up on any soap box, have knee jerk reactions to any household crisis or world news items, and aim to be sunny, happy and light-hearted. (Don’t worry. I’ll understand if you don’t want to read this blog until April 25. But I’ll try to be interesting anyway.)

I am looking forward to this. A whole lotta time without voicing any dissatisfaction.

But perhaps I should probably have a little slip up jar that I can toss some cash into. Just in case. The kids and my husband could split the moolah at the end of Lent.

Hopefully there won’t be any there. Not much anyway.

Well, there you have it. I begin my quest to find something to NOT complain about.


2 thoughts on “Giving It Up

  1. So, should I not call you until Easter? 🙂
    Maybe I need to give up being a lazy-good-for-nothing when I get home from work. That would be something, huh?

  2. Good Luck with that! I think complaining is actually embedded into our fibers as human being. I’m interested to see what you write about next, my dear! As I cackle and drive off on my broom! ; )

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