Close Encounters

Just a rhetorical question.

If a blogger were to say that she is a true believer in UFOs because she actually saw one, would people think said blogger is crazy?

Don’t answer that. It doesn’t really matter.

The British Intelligence just released over 8,500 pages of information documenting UFO sightings in that country.

So at least a whole lot of people in England believe they saw something unearthly. I know there are a whole lot more.

Take me for example. True 100-percent believer in UFOs.

Go ahead. Laugh if you must, but here’s the story.

It happened in the fall. On a very windy afternoon, I was waiting in the yard for my son’s school bus. I was noticing how windy it really was. The pines were swaying and you could actually hear the trees creak as they bent. The skies were gray as fall skies go. And the clouds were literally passing over me faster than a speeding bullet. When my son got off the bus, he ran over to where I was and we both looked up and noticed a turkey vulture soaring above the huge pines in the yard.

We stood there watching in awe of how fast the leaves were flying and just listening. Our faces looking to the sky. I remember my neck began to hurt. And that is when I noticed it.

I thought, huh. I wonder what that is.

It was a black metallic object so far up in the sky I could hardly see it. I had to look very hard just to make it  out. It was not moving as everything else was. The leaves were picking up and the birds were moving. But this thing wasn’t. It was shaped like an oval, or a cigar, something oblong like that. I stood there watching it not move for a very long time. It had to be at least 5 minutes. I didn’t look away though and the thing did not move.

But then all of a sudden, this black object turned on its side, turned silver and shot out of sight so quickly it was gone in a blink.

I just stood there dumbfounded.

Did you see that? I demanded from my 8-year-old son.

See what Mom?

He didn’t. I was unsure whether to tell him what I saw.

My husband, who was at work in his office, a brick outbuilding on our property, came out and asked what I was looking at. This is how I know I was watching something for more than a reasonable amount of time. He saw me through his window and he confirmed it was about 5 minutes that I stood there with my face up to the sky. Since he was on his phone, he didn’t come out. I whispered to him that I just saw a UFO.

Why didn’t you come get me? My husband inquired.

I had no answer other than the fact that I did not really know what it was I was looking at.

I will always remember that day. And I did tell some friends about it. They laughed and thought I might have been a little heavy on the wine. But it was 4 o’clock for goodness sakes! Not that I don’t condone having a glass of wine at 4. It’s just that I didn’t.

So anyway, there is my story and I am sticking to it.

Who are we as humans to think we are the only ones out there. With so many close encounters, many that occur at the same time with different people, why shouldn’t we believe in aliens from outer space?

I remember my sisters-in-law telling me that back in the early 1980s they both saw a UFO from their separate houses in the Danbury area. I never doubted that. I actually thought it was pretty cool.

I have been looking up to the sky for years always wondering whether I would see something out to the ordinary. I don’t actually want to have an encounter with an alien, but seeing its ride was well worth it.

Whatever it was that day, I know it wasn’t a bird, or a plane, or a weather balloon, or a piece of debris. It stayed there in the sky, perhaps looking down upon me, perhaps studying the alien form also known as the stay-at-home mom and wondering what the hell is wrong with the human race.

So, I don’t think I will take the time to download all that British Intelligence that is free for a week for those who care. Perhaps someone will and I can get the short version. It would be interesting to see what other people’s sightings look like.

OK. So there it is. My encounter. Believe it or don’t.

But whatever you do, be sure to take the advice of everyone’s favorite green man.

Live long and prosper.


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