Unwanted Visitors

It’s been lurking around. Hiding. Waiting. Just itching to come out. We’ve fended it off for six months. Others were taken down. Whole families were stricken. We were lucky. It didn’t come. Until last night.

Yeah, its’ here. The most unwanted visitor of the season.

The stomach bug.

Round 1. At 12:30 a.m. we awoke to the sounds of my daughter coughing, a quick splat, then crying. And I just knew. I stood in the doorway and looked in. There it lay ruining her beautiful fairy-themed bed sheets. The biggest pile of pink-tainted puke I’d ever seen.

I got my daughter up, ripped off her vomited-upon pajamas and began the horrible task of picking up chunks off the sheets. I held my breath as long as I could. I gagged. I had to stand back, regroup and dive back in again.

I once made the mistake of NOT cleaning them off first and was greeted with squeaky clean chunks of vomit in my washing machine. Not something I recommend.

I grabbed as much as I could with an available diaper wipe and my dear and heroic husband took the sheets and blankets and threw them in the wash. (He knows my gag reflex just isn’t what it used to be. Morning sickness.) I changed her sheets, put new pajamas on her, lined her bed with towels and she lay down and immediately went off to sleep.

Sorry for the dramatics,  but the stomach bug just sucks. It takes all the strength you can muster up as a parent to get your kids (and yourselves) through it. And if you go down, Lord help the family. You are helpless and the kids, well, they just have to fend for themselves until it’s over. Hopefully your spouse will be in town for it. If not mommy, you are up you-know-what’s creek without a paddle.

Round 2. 1:45 a.m. After a blissful hour of sleep, I  heard her cough, recognized the splat and then waited for the cry. I ran in, quickly grabbed the towel and a diaper wipe for her hair and face, and cleaned her off. My husband and I tag teamed it again — I went to the washer, he got her back into bed.

Round 3. At 3 a.m. the dry heaving and crying started. It’s awful how helpless parents can feel against the stomach bug ravaging through your child. There literally is nothing we can do other than offer love, comfort and some Gatorade.

Now is was just waiting for what was sure to come next — the other end and likely the other kid. I will NOT give you gory details on that. You know what it’s like.

It is sure to make its way through as many of us as possible before moving on. She just got out of the tub and seems to be doing better. Having some cinnamon toast and Gatorade.  Perhaps it will be mild this time. I sure hope so. I will keep my fingers crossed.

And clean sheets at the ready.


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