Glitter, Glitter Everywhere!

The house is covered in it. I guess that is what I get for doing the homemade Valentine’s Day card thing with a preschooler. She had a great time dumping out as much glitter as possible on her cut out hearts. She cut them beautifully I might add. We added foam hearts and shapes, lots of glue and that wonderful bling of glitter. It’s currently everywhere even after I ran the vacuum. Twice.

Ah, but what fun it is. My third grade son joined in the fun, too. He had to, according to the teacher’s note that came home Friday, “make or write out” Valentines for each class member.

After scouring the house looking for the remaining Star Wars themed Valentines from last year and realizing that I did, indeed throw them out, and we weren’t going to the store to get new ones, I gave my son the option – pink or red construction paper, sharpie and glitter if he wanted.

Much to my surprise, he was game to make little red cards, write Happy Valentine’s Day and outline them with some glitter. These were for the boys. For the girls, I insisted we had to make them girlier and add the foam hearts. He said fine and offered up a suggestion — to write little messages on them like the heart-shaped candies themselves. So we thought some up: be mine, call me, U R sweet, etc…

They turned out great. On the girl’s cards, he thought he should write HVD instead of Happy Valentine’s Day, because, he informed me, that the girls are always saying OMG and all that kind of talk. I thought the idea was very creative and clever.

On the boys cards, I started to outline them in gold glitter, but he wanted silly faces. So 10 cards have golden faces with “Happy Valentine’s Day” in bold, red sharpie. Simple, homemade. Done.

It was a nice time together for me and the kids. No interruptions of a phone call, no tv blaring in the background, no fighting over the Wii console. We all sat at the dining room table. I watched, adorned a little. But they worked. My daughter cut and glued. My son cut and wrote. And we talked. A good memory was made.

A conversation afterwards with my friend, also the mom of a 3rd grade boy who, at her questioning whether he was exchanging Valentine’s with his classmates was greeted with a resounding roll of the eyes and an enfactic “um, no”, had me second guessing our little project this afternoon.

Do all 3rd grade boys feel this way? Are the boys going to think my son’s homemade attempt at a Valentine exchange is lame? Should I have run out and bought a box of premade Sponge Bob ones that would obviously make his friends laugh? Have I just secured a spot for my son as a target at recess by not realizing this?

UGH. How did this simple act of being together and making a craft turn into a would-be episode of Dr. Phil?

But then I hit the pause button.

He may come home and tell me that all his friends thought his cards were the bomb. Or he may tell me that the kids made fun of them. He may be bothered by this, or he may forget about it all together. Either way, I think today is not the time for me to preempt a childhood learning lesson by trying to figure out what may happen tomorrow at school.

One thing I do know about my son is that he is very comfortable with who he is. And I know that he enjoyed our little craft session this afternoon. He put a lot of effort into making them and saw the project through to its finish. He was proud of his work. I wouldn’t want to take that away from him by even questioning what kind of Valentine’s cards his friends would be making, or if they’d be making them at all. 

So, we’ll wait and see tomorrow. Perhaps a high five will be in order reaffirming a job well done. Or a great big hug and an extra cookie to make him feel better. 

Another lesson in parenthood for this mom to learn.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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