Butts and baseboards

I know I am certainly not the first one to say this, but I will add my two cents to the pot.
Diaper wipes are way more than just a baby’s butt cleaner.

Even though my kids are long past the diaper stage, I could not live without diaper wipes. I currently have about 6 packages lying around the house. They literally do EVERYTHING.

Just as an example, here are some places I have used a diaper wipe in the last few months.

  1. Black boots – whipped one out to clean off the scuff marks and shine ’em up like new.
  2. Baseboards – during a recent marathon phone conversation, took to wiping down all baseboard trim in kitchen and bathroom. It’s shocking the amount of missage along the beadboard in the bathroom. I yell Lift the seat each time my son hits the bathroom, but, well, he’s 8.
  3. Black wool coat and fleece jackets – removed all dog hair with a swipe of a wipe.
  4. Car dashboard – wiped down and removed dust, pollen and grime.
  5. Coffee stains on kitchen floor – done.
  6. Coffee stains on white dog’s head – done. (Checkers is old and in need of attention and will always knock your hand as you sip coffee. Hence,spillage.)
  7. Shoe scuff marks and crayon marks on floors and walls – gone.
  8. Dried toothpaste marks on bathroom counter – wiped away.
  9. Removed hard water and green magnesium (or copper, don’t really know here) from bathroom sink basin.
  10. Removed toothpaste stain from daughter’s clothing.
  11. Removed magic marker from daughter’s body. I know. I know. But what’s a mom to do? It’s better than a tattoo.
  12. Removed food marks from son’s pants that he uses as a napkin. He’s 8 and I hope he grows out of this.
  13. Sticky pancake syrup from kids’ hands – gone.
  14. Hand cleaner at the park, ski lodge and après bowling.
  15. Quick clean up after an art project.
  16. Dust collector on top of TV console, window sills, and various wood surfaces that have gotten neglected since I started blogging.
  17. Stain remover from clothing and my beige carpet – This is just an amazing thing. Pen marks come out of a white shirt, dirt off the rug, even a little stain from a doggie accident is no match for this herculean household hero.

And my all time favorite thing for a diaper wipe – blowing my nose when I have a cold. I am not kidding. I started this when I had a sinus infection a few years back and all that was available was a wipe as all the tissues had been used and my nose was a wreck. It was like a spa for my nose. The cold, moist feeling against my battered nose was heaven. Seriously, I know talking about blowing noses is gross, but I am telling you, this works great. You’ll thank me.

So there you have it. Keep those wipes around. And if you don’t have kids, go out and buy a pack. I prefer the Target brand Up and Up over any other brand. I am sure there are plenty of other uses for this household item. If you know of one, send it my way because diaper wipes will have staying power my house.


One thought on “Butts and baseboards

  1. Wow, of all the uses you mentioned that I’ve probably considered, I NEVER even thought about using it to blow my nose! As much as I’ve been sick this season I will definitely try this because the tissues with the “lotion” don’t do jack sh*$.

    You should also tag this with cleaning, stains, blowing noses.

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