Touchy Feely

Disclaimer: I am about to throw myself under the proverbial bus and annoy Kindlers, Pea Pod addicts, e-shoppers and other technology junkies the world over.

I am a touchy feely girl. There, I said it. It feels good to get it off my chest.

I am just not ready to embrace all these high-tech gadgets out there. I know, I know. They are supposed to make my life easier. At the click of a button!

I don’t know. I like people. I like things. I like touching things. I like seeing people. Using the five senses makes perfect sense to me.

While most people I know are online banking, I like writing that check and stuffing it that envelope. Put that stamp on it baby, have my husband lick the envelope (what? I don’t like the taste.) And BOOM! Out to the mail box we go. US Postal Service Carriers out there rejoice at this I am sure.

Go ahead, tote your Kindles or other popular ereaders. Scroll through chapter after chapter on that hard titanium. I am going to sit in my chair, cheater readers resting on my nose, and enjoy that BOOK. Yes, that’s right. A solid mass of thousands of words where I can flip pages, mark where I stop with a book mark and relish in having something with a spine resting on my lap.

So you wanna read the news online, too? Go ahead. Gimme a newspaper. I like the smell of the ink, the layout of the page. The feel of the recycled paper in my hand. The motion of turning each page. Not to mention its other uses: fire starting, wrapping breakables for storage, arts and crafts catch-all.  ((Another disclaimer here: If by chance you are an online editor reading this, I can toss these views aside and work for a .com edition of your publication. No problem.))

While you are ordering your groceries on-line, I am dragging my screaming children through the supermarket, aisle by wonderful aisle. All the while taking note of the package design of my favorite foods, smiling as I open that carton of eggs to check for cracks, feeling the cold of that gallon of milk as I drop it in my cart. I am picking out the best looking yellow bananas and smelling fresh dill and lemons and finding that perfect package of boneless, skinless chicken thighs that the butcher meticulously cleaned for me.

You can take your GPS. I would rather get lost all on my own. No computer assistance necessary. The fun is finding my way back. I will be taking in the scenery, enjoying the show. The only computerization being the pretty green letters and numbers above my windshield that tell me I am heading NE and it’s 34 degrees outside.

And clothes shopping. I can’t tell you how many times I have filled up my online shopping cart with items for me, my husband or the kids only to realize later that I need to feel these clothes before I buy them. So I just remove them from my cart and off I go. To the store. I need that instant gratification. If I buy it, I want to take it home with me. ((Another disclaimer: I confess that I have, at one time or another, purchased items including a bathing suit, toys, cookery and a book or three on-line. I know, hypocrite.))

Now, before you call me judgmental and small (unless you already have and in that case, well, fine. I know you are but what am I?) there are some technology gadgets that I have embraced.

Netflix for the Wii? Now that is easy and convenient, too. Kids L-O-V-E it! Wine sellers on-line? Now THAT is genius. I don’t need to touch, smell or see a wine bottle. They are all the same size. And it’s what’s INSIDE that matters. And just a click away.


Sure, iTunes has replaced my favorite record store. (Did I just say record? I am old.) And I love Facebook and its ability to connect me with people I haven’t seen in forever. Though I still can’t share a personal one-on-one conversation with them. But I’ll take it. And obviously I think creating and sharing blog is pretty nifty as well.

So called me old-fashioned, or a late bloomer or what ever you want. Perhaps there is hope for me yet. Maybe I will be that tech-savvy girl with the got-to-have-it gadgets all to myself. Or maybe I will stick to using the good senses God gave me to touch, taste, see, smell and feel my way around this crazy ever-changing world.


One thought on “Touchy Feely

  1. Wonderful! Although I’ve jumped on the technology bandwagon, there are definitely things that for me must be tangible. I cannot, and will not, read a book on a computer. In fact, I never could even get into books on tape, which I tried when that was all the rage. I will admit, though, that I have a crossword puzzle application on my phone and I love it, but it will never replace sitting on my patio on a Sunday morning, drinking my coffee, and, pen-in-hand, doing the LA Times puzzle. If only I got the NY Times delivered…

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