Thoughts, Pictures and Books

Very Twilight-ish, don't you think?


I took this picture at the beach in the fall a few years back. Pretty impressive for an amateur, no? I certainly am no professional, but my friend Heather is. She is one of those women who had a sort of rediscovery in ahem, mid-life. For her it was before 40, just slightly. But her pictures are amazing. Here’s a link to her website. Heather Norris photography.

Anyway, back to my picture. I think it has a certain Twilight-ish quality. There’s a reason I posted it. A year ago, I engrossed myself in the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer. For about two weeks, I read every chance I could, staying up sometimes until 3 a.m. not being able to put the books down. All four of  them were read cover to cover in about 12 days. It was nuts.

And I was such a hold out. My friends kept saying “You gotta read Twilight!” No way. I am NOT into vampires. But during a very much-needed girls getaway weekend, my friend brought me Twilight. Since the book I was reading was on the boring side, I decided to take a look. And that was that. I was hooked.

I tried to picture the actors as I read, but honestly I did not see Bella as Kristen Stewart and I viewed Edward altogether differently than his portrayer Rob Pattison. Taylor Lautner wasn’t Jacob either. So which team? Team Edward like most 40-something women I know.

What was it about the Twilight Books anyway? I admit I stalked the internet looking for information on Stephenie Meyer trying to find that one key thing I could take away and get inspired to finally write and try to sell my first novel. Didn’t find it. What I did find was that every author website I checked had the same advice. Just keep writing. Don’t write to sell it. Write to write.  

Hence, a blog. Keeps me writing every day. I may go off on a tangent. I may post a picture that has nothing to do with what I am writing, but hey, it looks pretty, right?

So for now as I aspire to one day write that novel, I read. A lot. So much that I recently had to get cheater readers. Magnification at 1.25+ I thought they were cute when I picked them up at Kmart. Black squarish frames with contrasting metal sides. Apparently the 85-year-old woman I sat next to in church thought they were cute too.  My fashion sense or lack thereof will be the topic of another post. 

Back to books. For me, I am mostly a chicklit, women’s fiction, romance-aholic. Before Twilight, I read and loved Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series, Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones Diary and a really great author that is under appreciated Sarah Strohmeyer. She has two chicklit books based on the fairy tales Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Who doesn’t love a princess?? And a great one about food that I loved. She’s got a lot. Check her out.

I have recently found Kristan Higgins who writes the best single title contemporary romance novels ever!  She is so witty and you can totally see yourself or your best friend  in each of her main characters.

My other favorite is Claire Cook. I am sure you’ve heard of Must Love Dogs with Diane Lane and John Cusack. Claire Cook wrote that and many more novels about women who redefine themselves later in life. Not to mention I love her own story. She wrote her first book in a minivan during her daughter’s swim practice and then walked the red carpet at 50 with the release of Must Love Dogs. How cool is that?

I tried to read and like that one about a woman who found herself with three countries starting with the letter “I”. Know which one I am talking about? Yeah, I didn’t like that one. Couldn’t even bring myself to finish it. Same with another one based on the blog of a girl from Queens about her attempt at cooking for a year. I won’t name names.

Anyway, I surf the net a lot and like to read first time authors when I can. Very inspiring, you know? And I have discovered my local library.  I used to just go there to borrow books for the kids. But one day I browsed the new fiction area and was sold. It’s way cheaper and it gets me reading a lot of other authors. I could stand in Borders in the Romance aisle and buy 10 paperbacks, but using my library really does broaden my horizon. Oh yeah and they are free. I guess I am not helping my future cause in trying to SELL BOOKS to readers if I advocate the library. Nonetheless, I love the library.

So enough rambling. I am off track of where I started. I think.

Enjoy reading, especially this blog, and I will try to tell you all about books I like and give you some recommendations as well. And feel free to comment or give me an idea to blog about. Remember, you are  helping to inspire a future novelist and you, yes you my friend, could end up with your name on my Acknowledgments page. Joy.


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