Thinking Spring

I thought since it’s snowing again it might be fun to just remember what the ground actually looks like. This was taken at a local Daffodil Farm just before the peak bloom in May. Spring is actually my favorite time of year. Perhaps because I was born on the first day of it many years ago, but what ever the reason, I love spring.

I love the sound of the peepers, you know those little frogs that live in swamps and ponds, that make that, well, peeping sound to signal the start of spring. Growing up, even though I lived near a pond, the sounds of nature were camouflaged by the constant drone of trucks on Interstate 95. Today, when I visit my childhood home in lower Fairfield County Connecticut, I can’t believe how loud it is.

But here, it’s like a symphony every night in the spring. We sleep with the windows open and the warmish spring air that flows in is nirvana. Peepers, owls, possums, what ever other nocturnal animal or amphibian out there makes itself known. Coyotes too, but that’s another post.

It’s the new birth of spring, the looking forward to warmer days, longer days and to be outside all the time that gets me through the winters here in New England. I do love the weather here and my roots are planted firmly in the ground. The unpredictability of New England weather – spring rain storms, summer thunderstorms, the crisp fall days that eventually turn to the slate gray snow skies of winter – just keep me interested.

If you ask one of my sisters, she’ll take California any day of the year. That’s where she lives. Always sunny and funny. It never rains in California, or so they say, cause it does every time I go there. It’s a nice place to visit, but I don’t know about you, but I need those gray days to recharge. California doesn’t have enough of them for my liking.

There is another huge winter storm bearing down on us today and tomorrow, part of a huge weather system that promises to effect 100+ million people. We definitely have had enough snow already. So has everyone in the Northeast, Midwest and Central Plains.

But nonetheless, Punxsutawney Phil The Ground Hog will tell us tomorrow what will come. Shadow or no, it’s going to be a long winter unless Al Gore is right and Global Warming melts the hundreds of 10 foot snow piles by April. Hmmm.


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