Like the rest of the northeast, we are enjoying a rather snowy January. That is the understatement of 2011! It has just been deemed the snowiest month ever. Ever. Ya think? Seriously, there is nowhere to put this anymore.

I can just make out the top of our ski rack on our SUV in the driveway because the snow piles are so high. I have to say, the amount of snow on top of our house makes me nervous, so I climbed up on part of my rooftop yesterday. Yeah, I know, not very smart, but it needed to be done. I had to clear off a low-pitched roof lest it collapse.

The dog won’t go in it if he can help it. He strategically pees on the walls of snow lining our walkway and drops the poop wherever he can. Usually also on the walkway.

This is nuts!

It’s the only cleared area around. Even though we have beautiful walking trails in our 10-acre wood, we can’t get to it. My husband said he wanted snow shoes for his birthday last week. I should have bought them, then he could mat down the snow enough to walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is beautiful, I have to admit. Too much, but beautiful nonetheless.

It makes me want to bake. When it’s that cold and white outside, I just want to turn on the oven and make something sweet. Bronwnies, chocolate chip pecan oatmeal cookies, zuchinni bread, lemon tea cookies. My mouth waters every time I take out one of my cookbooks. I told my son that if it doesn’t stop snowing, we’ll all be fat.

Since it began snowing, my daughter’s school (am Pre K) has been the casualty. There is a 2 hour delayed opening when it’s not cancelled so the am Pre K doesn’t go. She cries. She wants school, God bless her. She has been in school 5 days this month, though she is supposed to go every day. There’s too much snow to even play in. She sinks down. She’s not feeling the love.

Oh well. We’ll see what happens on Ground Hog Day though no self-repsecting ground hog would come out of his den. He’d sink down to the bottom on a 5 foot snow drift never to be heard from again. No shadow. No spring until the kids get out of school, which at the rate we’re going, will be July.

Happy Snow.


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